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We are far from being experts in spatial omics, sample preparation or single-cell sequencing analysis. However, we’ve discovered that we can lean on our clients for expertise on these topics while we can bring our expertise on distilling a brand to it’s core essence, simplifying complex narratives, and illustrating technologies in ways that an audience can immediately get the potential value.

Over the past 6 years, we have been partnering with leading life sciences entrepreneurs to help them build their brand and tell their story. In all these cases, we immerse ourselves deeply in the subject matter but also rely heavily on the knowledge of our clients and industry partners. 

Over the years, we have been able to help our life sciences customers launch solutions that have a dramatic impact on how labs conduct sample prep and spatial analysis within single-cell sequencing workflows.

In addition, we have created the workflows and best practices for clients to effectively and consistently get their message out to highly targeted audiences. Partnering with industry subject matter experts – like our partners at Co-Labb – we have been able to deliver highly targeted content, event, and email marketing campaigns across a wide array of channels.  

Case Studies

Primary Marketing Services for Biotechnology Start-ups

& Strategy

Our agency conducts comprehensive market research and develops tailored strategies specifically for start-ups.

& Messaging

Our agency specializes in developing authentic brand identities and messaging that resonates with target audiences.

Product Illustration
& Rendering

Visual communication is key in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors to showcase complex products and technologies effectively.

Graphic Design for Sales
& Marketing

From brochures and flyers to digital ads and social media content, our agency provides top-notch graphic design services tailored life sciences and biotechnology start-ups

Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads and forging meaningful connections is essential for start-ups to scale and thrive in the life sciences and biotechnology industries.


Develop technical content for brand building and marketing collateral – from application sheets and tech notes to in-depth case studies with client interviews.

partner spotlight

We know our strengths. And writing original content analyzing the intersection of immunology and spatial transcriptomics is not one of them. This is why we’ve turned to our partners at Co-Labb to support us as our exclussive content collaborators for biotech customers. Co-Labb is a specialist scientific and medical writing agency based in London. Consisting exclusively of PhD and MD-PhD research scientists turned science writers, the diversity of backgrounds, from neuroscience, oncology and medicine, enables our joint teams to provide true expertise to our clients across a range of areas. Co-Labb’s passion for technical writing and content creation unites the team, with a talent for making the complex seem simple and the simple seem eloquent.   As a result, we are trusted to deliver content marketing campaigns for global leaders in the life sciences. In addition to supporting all Brandmates Biotech clients, Co-Labb has supported global leaders including Baxter International, Cytiva, Mettler Toledo, and Genomics England. From SEO blog posts to in-depth white papers and application notes, their team of PhD experts can create specialist content that truly resonates with scientific target audiences, positioning our clients as authoritative and reputable market leaders.

“The Co-labb x Brandmates collaboration provided a really unique and strong end product for Curio Biosciences’ content campaign. The combination of our scientific expertise and first-hand experience in the target market, with Brandmates’ laser-sharp brand vision across multiple platforms, resulted in a content campaign that provided true value to Curio’s audience seeking the latest insights on spatial transcriptomics, while perfectly aligned and supportive of the overall brand image and messaging”

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