Improving the sales automation platform and website in preparation for series A


BoostUp is developing one of the leading revenue management and sales enablement AI platforms by aggregating all tasks and communication data from sales teams. By capturing sales activity data from email, social, SMS, CRM, and contract management systems, BoostUp can improve accuracy of pipeline estimates, likelihood to close deals, and better train sales personnel.



Raised $14m

Series A 6 months after engagement


Leveraged MVP to gather feedback, tweak product and find product-market-fit with finance teams and revenue operations managers

“Brandmates helped us elevate our brand, messaging, and platform UI to take our company to the next level - attracting better investors, employees, and customers.”
Sharad Verma
CEO, BoostUp

Case Studies

Positioning an innovative biotech solution for cell sorting and analysis
Showcasing complex IOT sensor technology and B2B customer stories
Simplifying product marketing for complex software

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