Curio Bioscience

a Next-geN company in
next-gen sequencing


In the world of gene expression mapping, Curio delivers the highest resolution, spatial views showing where gene expressions are located in reference to each other. The Curio team has developed the world’s first high-resolution, whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping kit. And it has done so in a way that any molecular bio lab can apply its kit within standard sequencing workflows without complex or expensive equipment. As a result, Curio can empower all molecular bio labs to begin seeing an entirely new world of data from the human, animal, or plant samples being analyzed.

Tasked to name and brand the new company, we looked for concepts that could grasp the layers of (bio)exploration that the new company would deliver to its customers.

In addition to naming and branding, we were retained for 5+ years to develop and manage Curio’s digital presence (web, social, email marketing), marketing automation (lead capture, scoring & nurture), and support the company in asset development for event marketing (webinars, conferences, and interest group sessions by sales team).




Publications listing Curio technology for spatial transcriptomic


Events, webinars and interest group meetings hosted leveraging brand assets, presentations, and CRM.

“Brandmates was instrumental for us to build a brand, get clear on our messaging, and launch our website.”
Ari Chaney
COO & Co-Founder, Curio Bioscience

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