Golden Pear

Brand makeover for one of the top 3 litigation financing leaders


Many personal injury victims don’t have the luxury to wait for a lawsuit settlement for their case and often have to accept the first settlement offer sent by an insurance company. This puts low-income personal injury victims at a disadvantage. GPF helps those victims stay in their legal case in order to get the best possible settlement.

After helping GPF launch a new direct-to-consumer brand, LitiPay, we took on the task to also rebrand Golden Pear to modernize the brand, web design, and primary marketing materials.


“Brandmates has become a key extension of our team. They are both our strategic and rapid execution partners leading critical efforts across the board — company-wide rebranding, product design, web design and dev, SEM, and ongoing lead generation. They care about quality and deliver results.”
Gary Amos
CEO, Golden Pear Funding

Case Studies

Positioning an innovative biotech solution for cell sorting and analysis
Showcasing complex IOT sensor technology and B2B customer stories
Simplifying product marketing for complex software

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