an ai co-pilot to get the most from each company video


Large enterprise companies often have terabytes of video assets that are collecting dust in the archives of the company intranet. Webinars, sales pitches, customer testimonials, creative campaigns, b-roll from past shoots… you name it. Vidoso helps take these mountains of video data and repurpose those videos to squeeze the most marketing ROI from every frame.

With a powerful AI engine and video transcription, Vidoso’s AI can not only identify the best 2 minutes from 2 hours of video, but also stitch together videos with similar themes.

The company hired Brandmates to shape the brand identity, design the product UI, and help tell the company story in its initial web launch.



8 weeks

From brief to web design and dev including product UI design.

BETA launch 

Rapid iteration of product and web presentation will allow company to test market and more quickly find product-market-fit.

“Brandmates helped take our company to the next level.”
Sharad Verma
CEO, Vidoso

Case Studies

Positioning an innovative biotech solution for cell sorting and analysis
Showcasing complex IOT sensor technology and B2B customer stories
Simplifying product marketing for complex software

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