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We aim to focus our work on brands that most align with our values, prioritizing companies dedicated to solving the world’s toughest environmental and social equity challenges. Our clients are those genuinely committed to leading their industries in impact reduction. With deep expertise in advising companies on effectively framing and communicating their sustainability strategies, we ensure their messages resonate authentically and powerfully. Additionally, we collaborate with partners like Good.Lab to help our clients walk the talk, ensuring their actions match their sustainability promises.

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Primary Marketing Services for SUSTAINABILITY Start-ups

Impact Assessment
& Operational Audit

At Brandmates, we conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate the environmental and social impact of your operations. Our audits go beyond surface-level evaluations, delving deep into your processes to identify areas for improvement and optimization. Whether you’re a cleantech startup or an environmental non-profit organization, our tailored approach helps you understand your footprint and take meaningful steps towards sustainability.


Understanding where you stand in comparison to industry peers is crucial for driving progress. With Brandmates, gain insights into industry best practices and benchmarks to set ambitious yet achievable sustainability goals. We help cleantech startups and environmental non-profits identify opportunities for innovation and improvement, positioning you as a leader in your field.

Stakeholder Engagement
& Research

Building meaningful relationships with stakeholders is essential for driving lasting change. Brandmates specializes in conducting stakeholder engagement initiatives and research tailored to the unique needs of cleantech startups and environmental non-profits. From community outreach to partnerships with industry leaders, we help you cultivate strong connections that support your mission and drive collective action.

Overarching Sustainability Strategy

Crafting a holistic sustainability strategy is key to long-term success. Brandmates works closely with cleantech startups and environmental non-profits to develop comprehensive strategies that align with your mission and values. Whether it’s integrating sustainability into your core business model or expanding your impact initiatives, we provide strategic guidance to help you achieve your sustainability goals.


Transparent communication is essential for demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. With Brandmates, streamline your sustainability reporting processes and communicate your progress effectively to stakeholders. Whether you’re preparing for investor presentations or responding to stakeholder inquiries, our expertise ensures that your sustainability efforts are accurately documented and communicated.

& Positioning

Your message is your identity. Brandmates helps cleantech startups and environmental non-profits develop compelling messaging and positioning strategies that resonate with stakeholders. Whether you’re launching a new product or advocating for policy change, we help you craft narratives that inspire action and drive positive change in the world.

partner spotlight

At Brandmates, we understand that talk is cheap without meaningful action. That’s why we’ve expanded our expertise by partnering with Good.Lab, a pioneering consulting group. Through this partnership, we offer our clients access to a comprehensive platform designed to manage Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities effectively. Additionally, clients can tap into a network of curated sustainability consultants who serve as fractional Chief Sustainability Officers, guiding companies towards tangible and impactful sustainability initiatives.

“With our partnership, Good.Lab and Brandmates are now able to offer clients deep expertise not only in shaping their sustainability strategy, but also positioning and messaging in order to cut through the noise. We are in a unique position to now offer these capabilities to companies across industries and sizes.”

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