Showcasing complex IOT sensor technology and B2B customer stories



The easiest customer testimonial to shoot is the one where the subject is genuinely in love with a company or product.  That’s the case with Samsara’s customers.  

Samsara equips industrial clients (oil and gas, utilities, transportation, manufacturing) with tiny sensors connected to the cloud so they can track, measure and manage absolutely everything about their equipment: pipeline pressure, tank levels, temperatures, humidity, vibration, left turns – you name it. 

This Industrial IOT (IIOT) technology will literally change everything we know about our world today. In a Samsara-powered universe, operators will be able to view with 1-second resolution which truck needs maintenance, which wind turbine is heating up, which wine barrel is slightly too acidic.





We’ve produced Samsara’s product marketing videos as well as customer testimonials – defining the video style guide and rendering the hardware to better showcase the power of their technology.

“Brandmates has really raised the bar for our brand marketing. They have become our creative go-to video partner - helping us create powerful one-minute stories for our industrial automation customers and solutions.”
Pete Atkin
VP & GM, Samsara Industrial

Case Studies